Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Software Development Kit (SDK)



The Intel® AMT Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the necessary documentation, APIs, samples, and libraries to use the Intel AMT features.

Available Downloads

  • Size: 60.3 MB
  • SHA1: 82329C5343D58BD008E024217A7363AD700D3DEF

Detailed Description

This Intel® AMT SDK release includes version of the following modules:

  • MPS Module
  • RmcpPing Module
  • HostBasedSetup Module
  • USBFile Module
  • UserConsentTool Module
  • WMI Provider_Scripts Module
  • WS-ManagementCS Samples Module
  • WS-ManagementCPP Samples Module
  • Redirection Samples Module
  • Intel® AMT High-level API Module
  • WebStorage Module
  • WsmanLib Module
  • WS-ManagementCPP Module
  • WS-ManagementCS Module
  • RedirectionLib Module
  • Intel vPro® Technology Module for Windows* PowerShell* Module

Updates in this release

  • This Intel® AMT SDK release adds support for .NET (Core) for the following modules:
    • Intel® AMT High-level API: HLAPI dll
    • WebStorage: WebStorage dll
    • WsmanLib: Intel.Wsman.Scripting dll
    • WS-ManagementCS:
      • DotNetWSManClient dll
      • IWSManClient dll
      • CIMFramework dll
      • CIMFrameworkUntyped dll
      • WinRMWSManClient dl

All of these now compile to .NET standard 2.0 and can be used with either .NET Framework or .NET (Core). Additionally, all the above libraries as well as the samples in the WS-ManagementCS Samples and Intel® AMT High level API modules now compile using SDK style project files.

  • The Intel® AMT High-level API and WS-Management modules now support DMTF SMBIOS release 3.6.0. Consequently, the WS-Management modules are compiled with the latest WSMAN MOF files and have updated C# and C++ WSMAN files.
  • The Intel® AMT High-level API module now supports the GCMP-256 encryption method.
  • Cleanup of the SOAP APIs from the Intel® AMT High-level API module, as they are deprecated since AMT 6.0.
  • This release includes updated external components in WS-ManagementCPP and MPS.
  • This release includes additional bug fixes in the following modules: Intel® AMT High-level API
  • Other modules have updated binaries.

Please see each module's release notes for more details.