Intel vPro® Technology Module for Microsoft Windows Powershell Module



Intel vPro® Technology Module for Microsoft Windows* Powershell* is being posted in a separate download, in addition to being included in the Intel® AMT download package.

Available Downloads

  • Microsoft Windows*
  • Size: 5.6 MB
  • SHA1: 1B80C06666E1CA9CB824BBABCA6D861C5830EF17

Detailed Description

Intel vPro® Technology Module for Microsoft Windows* Powershell* version has been posted.

Intel vPro® Technology Module for Windows* PowerShell* is a component of the Intel® Active Management Technology SDK. By leveraging the Module's Out of Band Management cmdlets, IT professionals can extend their PowerShell reach to include direct manageability of Intel AMT enabled clients, regardless of power or operating system health.

The download package includes documentation on installing and using the Module.

The SDK is backwards compatible with older Intel CSME firmware versions.


Changes in version

  • Updated the version of the AMT SDK from 15.x to 16.x to reflect that the AMT SDK also supports CSME version 16.x that is used on Intel* Alderlake platforms
  • This version includes a bug-fix for the TLS Mutual authentication configuration.
  • This version includes an update in the power commands Invoke-AMTPowerManagement and Get-AMTPowerState, added Connected standby option. Both commands now support Connected Standby.
  • This version includes a bug fix for the redirection commands Invoke-AMTSOL and Start-AMTIDER; running samples over TLS with mutual authentication
  • This version includes steps for adding a new PS script in the Intel vPro Technology Module for Windows PowerShell Installation and User Guide.