Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) BigFix* Lifecycle Integration



Activate and manage Intel® AMT systems using BigFix* Lifecycle.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 8 family*, Windows 7 family*, Windows 10*, Windows Server 2012 family*, Windows Server 2012 R2 family*, Windows Server 2019 family*, Windows Server 2016 family*
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Detailed Description

Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) -- BigFix* Lifecycle Integration

Package consists of files in the BigFix* “.bes” format to provide importable Retrieved Properties, Fixlets and Fixlet templates to enable integrated management between the Bigfix and Intel® EMA management consoles.

The integration components, when used together with Intel EMA provide:

·         Identification of Intel® AMT equipped devices, and their associated firmware versions

·         Best known methods for deployment of Intel® EMA Agent using BigFix

·         Agent monitoring

·         Right-click linking from BigFix console to Intel® EMA console.

Prerequisites for this package include:

·         A full version of BigFix* Lifecycle environment

·         A fully installed and configured Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) environment



·         BigFix Lifecycle & Intel EMA Integration Package - Quick-Start Guide.pdf)


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