Firmware Package for Intel® RAID Controller RS3KC / RS3PC (Integrated Controller on AHWBP12GBGBIT / AHWBPBGB24)



Provides firmware for Intel RAID Controller RS3KC / RS3PC (Integrated Controller on AHWBP12GBGBIT / AHWBPBGB24 for S2600BP family) supporting JBOD(passthrough) only.

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 4.6 MB
  • SHA1: 71B219ED081515943FCB8CD539792D73FF88F3DE

Detailed Description

Installs firmware for the following Intel® RAID Controller for S2600BP family:

  • Intel RAID Controller RS3KC
    Integrated Controller on AHWBP12GBGBIT  supporting JBOD(passthrough) only.
  • Intel RAID Controller RS3PC
    Integrated Controller on AHWBPBGB24 supporting NVMe/SAS JBOD(passthrough) only.

Package information
Package version: 2018.11.29
FW Version =

What's new
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