Intel® Battery Life Diagnostic Tool



Provides Intel® Intel® Battery Life Diagnostic Tool for IT administrators.

Available Downloads

  • Size: 8.7 MB
  • SHA1: 5890C796137C4FDEE84E612D343A18686574627F
  • Microsoft Windows*
  • Size: 124 MB
  • SHA1: 0CA2DFE48E33BF9D338B49F732BE36AF0E94163A

Detailed Description

The Intel® Battery Life Diagnostic Tool helps IT managers monitor and diagnose the battery life impact of standard IT software builds on systems.

When run on an Intel system, the tool:

  • Estimates expected battery life.
  • Provides insight into the system’s ability to reach low power states.
  • Highlights the applications, processes, and configuration errors that impact low power efficiency.

Visit the support page for additional information.

What files do I need?

  • The bldt_setup .exe file is the installer for the application.  This is the only file you need to run the application.
  • The User Guide contains detailed instructions on using the tool and interpreting the results.
  • The Release Notes explains changes made to the application in the most recent release.

The "(Optional) Intel® Battery Life Diagnostic Tool third-party component sources" file contains the source code for third-party, open-source components used in the application.  This file is provided for open source licensing purposes only.  You do not need this file to run the application.

Product and Performance Information


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