Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Update Utility for Intel® Ethernet Network Adapter 700 Series



NVM Update Utility 4.5 for Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter XL710 and X710 Series.

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 237 MB
  • SHA1: 65B21E4B36408F63F5A9EA0F48F105DD2B8623FF

Detailed Description


This package contains all the required files to update the NVM on the Intel® Ethernet adapters in your system. It contains the NVMUpdate utility, configuration file, updated NVM binaries, and required driver files.

Usage guides:

Intel® Ethernet NVM Update Tool: Usage Guide for Windows*

Intel® Ethernet NVM Update Tool Quick Usage Guide for Linux*

Intel® Ethernet NVM Update Tool: Quick Usage Guide for EFI*

Intel® Ethernet NVM Update Tool: Quick Usage Guide for VMware ESX*

Intel® Ethernet NVM Update Tool: Quick Usage Guide for FreeBSD*

Limitations and Prerequisites
This package should only be used on Intel® Adapters.
This package only updates the NVM image. It does not update the preboot image. To update your preboot image, please download the appropriate package.

- Power down your system during the NVM Update.
- Remove the NIC before the NVM Update completes.
- Interrupt the NVM Update in any other way.


Linux* and ESX* Requirements
The base driver for your NIC must already be installed.

UEFI Requirements
Create a bootable disk or other media and extract the update package onto the media. Boot your system from the media and then run the tool.

Updating Your NVM Using Interactive Mode

1. Extract the update package into a temporary folder.
2. Start the nvmupdate utility by running the executable.

  • On an x64 Windows* system, type: nvmupdatew64e
  • On an x64 Linux* system, type: nvmupdate64e

3. Follow the prompts to update the NVM image on the desired device.


Using a Script
You can use a script to perform an inventory of all the Intel® Ethernet devices in the system or update the Intel Ethernet devices in the system.

Update script example:

nvmupdate64e –u –l –o update.xml –b –c nvmupdate.cfg

This causes NVMUpdate to check the installed Intel Ethernet devices against those contained in nvmupdate.cfg. If a device contains an NVM version older than that specified in the config file, the utility will update the device's NVM. It will create an xml file containing results of the update. Note that –b is optional. Specifying –b creates a backup of the current NVM image(s). This may add about 30 percent to the tool's execution time.

Inventory script example:

nvmupdate64e –i –l –o inventory.xml

This causes NVMUpdate to perform an inventory of all the Intel Ethernet devices in the system and creates an output file (called inventory.xml) of the results of the inventory.

NVMUpdate will return an exit code of zero if the update completed successfully.