High Availability Solution StorCLI for Intel RAID Controller RS3DC080, RS3SC008, RS3MC044



This is a command line utility that can check status and manage 3108 ROC hardware RAID controllers using the High Availability Storage 2.0 solution

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  • OS Independent
  • Size: 32.7 MB
  • SHA1: C6B3B4F89E96447E4A3523C085905A4EED02C89C

Detailed Description

Package Information
Version = 1.13.05
OS supported = EFI, FreeBSD, Linux, Linux-ppc, Solaris x86, Ubuntu, VMware, VMware-MN, VMware-NM-NDS, Windows

See the included readme file for restrictions and usage  information.

Note: The Intel® RAID High Availability storage controllers require firmware, drivers and software that support the High Availability Storage functionality. Refer to the installation steps in the driver package readme files.

The software may contain open source software. The associated open source licenses are included with the driver package.