Intel® vPro™ Use Case Reference Design - Automatic Remote Windows 7 Migration



This reference design provides a step by step example of how to perform off hours updates from Windows XP to Windows 7 on remote systems...

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  • Windows 7 family*, Windows Vista family*, Windows XP family*
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Detailed Description

With the release of Microsoft* Windows 7, many IT professionals are preparing for its deployment into their environments. In some cases, this will mean remotely updating employees' client PCs from Windows* XP to Windows 7. One of the challenges here is performing this update without impacting the employees' productivity. That is to say, operating system migrations take time and leave the client PC unavailable during the upgrade. Performing such an update during off hours would seem ideal. The challenge here is that the client PC may be unavailable for remote tasks. That is, it may be off or sleeping due to employees' action or system sleep timers.

This Use Case Reference Design provides theory, references, and a step-by-step example of performing an off hours, remote Windows XP to Windows 7 migration using Intel® vPro™ clients. Readers will gain insight into how they can use Intel vPro clients to enhance system availability, even during off hours, for the purpose of performing an in place, remote Windows XP to Windows 7 migration.