Intel® Ethernet Adapter Complete Driver Pack



This download installs version 23.4 of the Intel® Ethernet Adapter Complete Driver Pack for supported versions of Windows*, Linux*, and FreeBSD*.

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Detailed Description

What's new

SW Release 23.4 resolves a potential packet data pointer issue that could occur when using Intel® Ethernet 700 Series products with certain Intel Ethernet device drivers on Windows* operating systems that are using “Jumbo Packet” feature with “Receive Side Coalescing” (RSC) feature.
The issue may lead to a data mismatch between what came in on off wire (RX port) from remote sender and what is transferred up the OS/system stack to receiver (that is, application). While most applications apply their own additional forms of data integrity checking, some may exist that don't and so may be exposed to potential data integrity issues.
Note: By default, “Jumbo Packet” feature is disabled (off) in Intel Windows drivers.

For more information, review TA-234.

This issue is resolved with drivers included in the SW 23.4 Release.
Intel recommends updating to SW 23.4 as soon as possible. However, if updating to SW 23.4 is not convenient for you at this time, there's also an available workaround for the issue (see TA-234) for more details.
In addition to the availability of SW Release 23.4, we'll also be removing SW Release 23.2 and SW Release 23.1 from Intel® Download Center.
Note: These drivers and software are for retail versions of Intel® Ethernet Adapters. If you don't have a retail version of an Intel® Ethernet Adapter, we recommend you work with your computer manufacturer before installing our driver.

For more information, review TA-234.




SW Release 23.4 also includes Recovery Mode.

In Release 23.4, Intel has implemented a Recovery Mode capability that increases the resiliency of the Ethernet solution by enabling recovery of a corrupted or misconfigured NVM.


Products Affected 

Ethernet Device

New NVM Version

Software Driver & Tools

Intel® Ethernet Controller 700 Series


Release 23.4

Intel® Ethernet Controller X550


Release 23.4

Intel® Ethernet Connection X722


Release 23.4

Ethernet Controller in the Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500 Product Family LAN Controller


Release 23.4

Ethernet Controller in the Intel® Atom™ Processor C3000 Series


Release 23.4


Products with NVM versions prior to this release do not have Recovery Mode implemented.


Release 23.4 installation requirements

Installation uses normal upgrade installation procedures.

  • Normal NVM Upgrade (Intel® Ethernet NVM Update Tool) can be used to enable the new features.
  • Reboot required. A/C power cycle is not required when updating from the previously released version. Intel recommends following the instructions provided with the NVM Update tool.
  • NVM update to Release 23.4 enables anti-rollback mode. After upgrading, downgrade to previous NVM versions isn't possible.

Note: The design of Recovery Mode precludes rollback to prior versions of the NVM. This is because the addition of the Recovery Mode capability changed the definition of some regions of the NVM to be write-protected. Rollback to a prior version requires access to these write-protected regions, and therefore, the rollback would fail.

  • Recovery Mode has no impact to normal operation.
  • To fully support Recovery Mode, the updated Ethernet NVM, software driver, and software tool in Release 23.4 or later must all be used. 



This zip file contains all of the Intel® Ethernet network drivers and software for currently supported versions of Windows*, Linux*, and FreeBSD* for most Intel® Ethernet Adapters. Not all Intel® Ethernet Adapters and Intel® Ethernet Controllers are supported under every version of Windows, Linux, or FreeBSD.

This is a large file. We recommend downloading smaller files for your operating system if you do not need software for every OS.

See the readme file for installation instructions, supported hardware, what's new, bug fixes, and known issues.


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