Get Started with the Intel® System Bring Up Toolkit for Linux*

ID 766453
Date 12/06/2021

Run a Sample Project with Eclipse*

Follow instructions below to use System Trace component of Intel® System Debugger to import and decode trace capture. You can find more samples at <install-dir>\documentation\samples\index.html<install-dir>/documentation/samples/index.html but all of them except this one require a real target system connected to your host.

Decode Trace Capture File

Intel® System Debugger includes a Python*-based command line interface called TraceCLI for capturing and decoding system trace data. Developers can use the TraceCLI Python package for automating trace capture, and the System Trace UI for development and manual trace capture. Use an example file located at <install-dir>/system_trace/examples/input/mipi_aet_fake_trace.bin.bin. The file contains trace data captured with the 10th Generation Intel® Core Processor and the Intel® Direct Connect Interface (Intel® DCI) USB debug class connection method. You do not need a real target system connected to your host to use this sample. This project demonstrates decoding a trace file using the trace UI method mentioned above.

  1. Launch the Intel® System Debugger from the Windows* Start menu.

  2. Press Ctrl+3 to open the Eclipse* Quick Access control and type system trace. Select the System Trace perspective.

  3. Close the window labeled Create Connection for Debug & Trace.

  4. From Project Explorer, select Create a project.

  5. In the Select a wizard window, select Trace Project from the Intel(R) System Trace Tool folder, and click Next.

  6. Enter a project name and click Finish.

  7. From Project Explorer, select Create New Trace Configuration... from the configuration folder.

  8. Provide a trace configuration name.

  9. Import Trace Capture.

    In the wizard is already closed, navigate to the Project Explorer, expand the capture node, and click Import Trace Capture.

  10. Click Browse and navigate to the example file at <install-dir>/system_trace/examples/input/mipi_aet_fake_trace.bin.bin

  11. In the Project Explorer, right-click the imported capture file and select Decode as.

  12. From the Use Case drop-down list, select CMP General decode and click OK.

MessageView001 opens showing the decoded trace. For instructions on how to analyze trace, see the Intel® System Debugger - System Trace chapter located at <install-dir>\documentation\system_trace\index.html<install-dir>/documentation/system_trace/index.html.