AN 959: DC-DC Converter Design Example

ID 703007
Date 11/12/2021

About the DC-DC Converter Design Example

The design demonstrates a digital controller that can control a Hybrid DC-DC Converter with variable voltage control (VVC).The design uses DSP Builder for Intel FPGAs (Advanced Blockset) to simulate and synthesize VHDL control. The design targets the Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA Development Board.

The theory and architecture of the controller are described in the FPGA-Based Control for Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Power Electronics White Paper.

This design allows you to:

  • Simulate single-phase DC-DC converter, PI controller, and PWM on hardware
  • Examine the signals on chip using Signaltap Logic Analyser
  • Interface the SPI interface of DAC on Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA Development Board

This design is based on the DC-DC Converter Control with DSP Builder design targeting the Be-Micro Intel MAX 10 board, using a different DAC and with no Signaltap component.