Intel® High Level Synthesis Compiler Standard Edition: Version 19.1 Release Notes

ID 683782
Date 12/18/2019

1.3. Known Issues and Workarounds

This section provides information about known issues that affect the Intel® HLS Compiler Standard Edition Version 19.1.

Description Workaround
Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition Version 19.1 (which contains the Intel® HLS Compiler Standard Edition) is not available at the publication date for this document (2019.12.16). Occasionally check the Download Center for FPGAs for Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition availability.

(Windows only) Compiling a design in a directory with a long path name can result in compile failures.

Compile the design in a directory with a short path name.
(Windows only) A long path for your Intel® Quartus® Prime installation directory can prevent you from successfully compiling and running the Intel® HLS Compiler tutorials and example designs. Move the tutorials and examples to a short path name before trying to run them.
When you use the -c command option to have separate compilation and linking stages in your workflow, and if you do not specify the -march option in the linking stage (or specify a different -march option value), your linking stage might fail with or without error messages. Ensure that you use the same -march option value for both the compilation with the -c command option stage and the linking stage.
(Windows only) Pragmas used in templated code are not recognized Manually specialize the templated code.
(Windows only) C++ libraries are not supported Use C libraries where possible. For example using printf instead of cout.
Enqueueing a component with a slave memory might result in a hang in simulation. This hang is an issue in the generated testbench not the component hardware. If you component uses slave memory, use standard function calls to invoke the component from the testbench.
(Windows only) When you compile your component, the compiler might issue the following warning:
warning LNK4088: image being generated due to /FORCE
option; image may not run
Ignore this warning. The executable is expected to work correctly.

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