Stratix V Military Temperature Range Support Technical Brief

ID 683507
Date 12/02/2015

1.1. Military Temperature Support

The switching characteristic for the Stratix V military temperature grade devices are as follows:

  • –3 speed grade for transceiver specification
  • –4 speed grade for core and periphery performance

Stratix V military temperature grade device supports the following:

  • Internal temperature sensing diode (TSD) range from –40°C to 125°C
  • Selected transceiver configuration:
    • Gbps Ethernet (Gbe)
    • Interlaken for SerialLite III—up to 6 Gbps
    • JESD204 A/B—up to 6.375 Gbps
    • Serial RapidIO (SRIO)

Military temperature operation requires additional timing margin over industrial temperature operation to compensate for the potentially increased variation of delay across temperature.

Altera recommends that you to use military temperature grade devices for production. However, you may substitute industrial temperature grade for military temperature grade devices during the prototyping phase because of the shorter lead times of the industrial temperature grade devices.

Use the following guidelines to compile your design using industrial or military devices:

  • When using military models through industrial devices, select an applicable I4 part code and update the Operating Settings and Conditions dialog box to reflect –55°C (Minimum) and 125°C (Maximum) junction temperatures before compiling or recompiling your design.
  • When using military models through military devices, select an applicable M4 part code and compile or recompile your design.
Table 1.  Stratix V Industrial and Military Temperature Device Part Numbers
Item Device Part Number Package
Industrial Temperature Military Temperature
1 5SGSMD5H3F35I4 5SGSMD5H3F35M4 F1152
2 5SGSMD5K3F40I4 5SGSMD5K3F40M4 F1517
3 5SGXEA7H3F35I4 5SGXEA7H3F35M4 F1152
4 5SGXEA7K3F40I4 5SGXEA7K3F40M4 F1517

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