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Developer Guide for Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library Windows*

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Date 12/16/2022

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Using DLLs

All the needed DLLs must be visible on all the nodes at run time, and you should install Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL) on each node of the cluster. You can use Remote Installation Services (RIS) provided by Microsoft to remotely install the library on each of the nodes that are part of your cluster. The best way to make the DLLs visible is to point to these libraries in thePATH environment variable. See Setting Environment Variables on a Cluster on how to set the value of the PATH environment variable.

The ScaLAPACK DLLs in the <mkl directory>\redist\intel64directory use the MPI dispatching mechanism. MPI dispatching is based on the MKL_BLACS_MPI environment variable. The BLACS DLL uses MKL_BLACS_MPI for choosing the needed MPI libraries. The table below lists possible values of the variable.




Default value. Intel MPI is used for message passing


Microsoft MPI is used for message passing


Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library MPI wrappers built with a custom MPI are used for message passing

If you are using a non-default MPI, assign the same appropriate value to MKL_BLACS_MPI on all nodes.

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