Intel® MPI Benchmarks User Guide

ID 766171
Date 3/26/2021
Document Table of Contents

Intel(R) MPI Benchmarks User Guide

Documentation for older versions of the Intel(R) MPI Benchmarks are available for download only. For a list of available Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE documentation by product version, see Download Documentation for Intel Parallel Studio XE.

Find useful information about the product in the following topics:

  • Introducing Intel(R) MPI Benchmarks: See important introductory information about Intel(R) MPI Benchmarks, what’s new and information about this document.

  • Installation and Quick Start: Get instructions on how to install, build and run the benchmarks and learn about the system requirements.

  • MPI-1, MPI-2, and MPI-3 Benchmark Specifications: Get detailed information about these benchmarks.

  • Benchmark Methodology : Learn about the ways to manage Intel(R) MPI Benchmarks control flow, get information on the command-line syntax and check the output samples.