Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for Linux* OS

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Date 6/24/2024
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Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for Linux* OS

This Developer Reference provides you with the complete reference for the Intel MPI Library. It is intended to help a user fully utilize the Intel MPI Library functionality.

For examples and detailed functionality descriptions, refer to the Intel® MPI Library Developer Guide for Linux* OS.

Refer to Intel® MPI Release Notes for new features and known limitations.

The following are some popular topics in the Intel MPI Library Developer Reference:

Command Reference

Command Reference provides reference information on compilation and runtime commands (mpirun, cpuinfo, impi_info) and describes how to use these commands.

Environment Variable Reference

Environment Variable Reference provides syntax, arguments, and descriptions for Fabrics Control, Tuning, Autotuning, Process Pinning, and I_MPI_ADJUST Family environment variables.

Global Options and Environment Variables for mpiexec.hydra

Describes the Global Options and provides Environment Variables used with the Hydra process manager.


mpitune_fast tunes the Intel MPI Library to the cluster configuration using the Autotuning functionality.

Package Layout

You can find MPI benchmark sources, compiler configs, and MPI binding at<I_MPI_install_dir>/opt/mpi .

Documentation for Older Versions

Documentation for some older versions of the Intel® MPI Library is available as downloads only.

To download specific versions of prior Intel MPI Library documentation, refer to one of the following locations:

Developer Reference Sections