Get Started

Get Started with the Intel® oneAPI DL Framework Developers Toolkit for Linux*

ID 758906
Date 12/04/2020

Using Containers

Intel® oneAPI DL Framework Developer Toolkit

Containers allow you to set up and configure environments for building, running and profiling oneAPI applications and distribute them using images:

  • You can install an image containing an environment pre-configured with all the tools you need, then develop within that environment.

  • You can save an environment and use the image to move that environment to another machine without additional setup.

  • You can prepare containers with different sets of languages and runtimes, analysis tools, or other tools, as needed.

Download Docker* Image

You can download a Docker* image from the Containers Repository.

The Docker image is ~5 GB and can take ~15 minutes to download. It will require 25 GB of disk space.

docker pull "$image"