WebVR: An Introduction

This series explores how to bring your virtual reality experience to the web. Review the advantages of WebVR and take an in-depth look at the details required to create that experience.

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For the next eight weeks, we'll bring you a new series—WebVR— which will teach you insights and best practices in creating VR experiences in your browser. I'm Alexis Menard, and I'll be your host where we help you understand WebVR and how you can target millions of web users. Virtual and augmented reality is gaining momentum amongst consumers and enterprise users. As the technology matures and content grows, the cost of a VR solution can be as low as $100 for an entry-level immersive experience. 

Today, one of the main challenges of VR is content delivery, which require giant downloads, and complicated app store installation steps, and often involve proprietary stacks which locks users to a particular vendor. Leading VR companies have spent significant resources to create content, yet it didn't proliferate because it was cumbersome for the developers to go to market because of multiple vendors, SDKs, and the need for extensive skill sets. 

WebVR addresses the challenge by leveraging the power of the web platform with low friction, discoverability, indexing, and an open development environment to deliver rich and entertaining portable experiences. The web doesn't pose gatekeepers. You can deploy or instantly update a virtual augmented reality experience on your website. WebVR allows the developer to easily create virtual experiences that can be seamlessly deployed across different operating system and browsers without compromising capabilities. 

We're thrilled to bring you this series over all the coming weeks. You'll learn about values of VR concepts to help you easily create a VR experience for the web. We'll also cover the future of WebVR and where we see this industry going. A new episode of WebVR will be out every Wednesday until the end of June. Don't forget to subscribe to the Intel software channel. And we'll see you next week for the first episode of this series.