Intel® Solutions for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)

Learn how the intelligent edge is the next generation of networks and about the solutions in the edge space and what Intel is doing. 

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Hi. I'm Sujata from Intel. In this video, I introduce the high-level concepts, hardware and software solutions, and the business support Intel provides for the edge computing ecosystem. 

Edge computing is a growing industry initiative to bring compute, storage, and connectivity capabilities closer to the user. This leads to lower latency, with a higher, more efficient use of bandwidth and better security capabilities. Developers can implement edge computing today to improve user experience and provide more opportunities to address customer requirements and needs. 

Edge computing allows software applications and data sets to run at locations where it makes more sense from business, regulatory, or performance considerations. For example, bringing video content closer to the edge could reduce video buffering with 35% back-haul capacity reduction, or reduce webpage download time by 20%. This reduces the total cost of ownership and improves service capabilities. 

Other use cases may include video security surveillance, automated driving, connected industrial robots, and traffic flow predictions for smart cities. Local processing models can lead to better compliance and faster time to incite. In the case of industrial IoT or self-driving cars, a processing delay between the device and the cloud can mean disaster. Distributed data management at the network edge enables insight when and where they are needed most. 

While edge computing is happening in today's 4G world, it promises to transform the power of 5G networks. Many of the ideal strategies and Intel platforms supporting the edge have been instrumental in powering digital transformation, leading to increased efficiency in the cloud and hyperscale environments. By utilizing many of the same elements throughout the network infrastructure, customers get economies of scale characteristic of high-volume server infrastructures. 

Intel Select Solutions are optimized, verified solutions to enable you to achieve reliable, secure, and workload optimized performance on a balanced platform configuration. This reduces the time and cost required to optimize edge applications. Additionally, developers have access to NEV SDK. Intel NEV SDK and Intel Select Solutions for NFE infrastructure are building blocks and foundations for implementing virtualized, cloud-optimized, and 5G-ready applications and infrastructure. 

Intel has introduced an edge community within the award-winning Network Builders program to help foster innovative edge solutions for Customers The Intel Network Builders edge ecosystem are at the forefront of bringing the industry focus to the edge opportunity. Follow the links provided to learn more about Intel's edge initiatives. Don't forget to like this video and subscribe to the Intel Software YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.