Intel Select Solutions for the Network

Intel Select Solutions for the Network provides recipes to build standard, high-volume servers with tested configurations of leading software and system components.


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Hello, everyone. I'm Purvi Thakkar from Intel. In this video, I give you some insights into Intel Select Solutions for the network which provide consistent building blocks that deliver deterministic performance for real network workloads. Data is exploding, as billions of device start connecting with each other. And there are requirements for new business and use models, along with higher speeds, greater capacity, and lower latency.

For this reason, network transformation to 5G is key. Intel's comm service provider customers are moving to replace their fixed-function hardware infrastructure with software-defined networks and network function virtualization technologies. This enables them to build smart networks that span from cloud to core to access to the edge.

Intel enables every aspect of the 5G value chain. By collaborating with the ecosystem partners, the comm service providers, and industry groups, Intel is driving the development of capabilities and networking component standards and intelligence. Intel Select Solutions for the network enables this 5G strategy by using all our expertise to accelerate the network transformation journey.

There are currently three Intel Select Solutions available for the network, NFVI, UCPE, and visual cloud delivery network. Customers want to virtualize the network to gain flexibility, agility, and scale, but it can get challenging with the complexity involved in the provisioning of newer services and workloads. It is a balancing act between the objectives and the advantages that the comm service provider customers want to achieve.

Intel Select Solutions for the network are intended to solve this problem. Key benefits of investing in an Intel Select Solution are simple, simplified evaluation, fast and easy deployment, and workload-optimized performance. Intel Select Solutions provide recipes, ingredients, and methodology in the form of reference designs targeting a specific workload.

Intel works closely with the independent software vendors to ensure system-level optimization from the hardware to the firmware to the software, including the BIOS and other settings. The reference designs include a base configuration to balance price and performance and a plus configuration to unleash maximum performance. Some of the reference designs may come with a controller node configuration to take care of a multi-node clustered configuration requirement as well.

Intel Select Solutions for NFVI provide consistent building blocks to address NFVI workloads, like virtual run, virtual BNG, virtual IMS, virtual EPC, and so on. It is a new, more balanced dual-socket configuration, with Intel® Xeon® scalable processors and Intel® QuickAssist Technology being the hero features. It comes in three, flavors open Ubuntu*, Red Hat*, and Fusion Sphere.

Intel Select Solutions for UCPE provides a recipe to address UCPE workloads, like as SD-WAN and edge services. It is a single-socket Intel® Xeon® D processor design, with Intel Quickassist technology and available in Ubuntu and ADVA ensemble connector flavors. Intel Select Solutions for visual cloud delivery network are derived from the NFVI solution that targets CDN workloads. It is a dual-socket configuration, with Intel Xeon scalable processors, Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory, and Intel QuickAssist Technology as its hero features and helps address CDN needs to be more open, agile, and cloud like.

Consider using Intel Select Solutions for the network when responding to RFPs or revisiting the comm service provider infrastructure requirements. They help to right size the infrastructure footprint with respect to service-level agreement requirements for rigorous NFVI use cases or workloads. To summarize, Intel Select Solutions for the network provide you the recipes to build standard servers with tested configurations of leading software and system components designed to deliver consistent performance for real network workloads.

All information related to Intel Select Solutions for the network can be found on our Intel network builders website in the links provided. Thanks for watching.