Identify Processor-Throttling Reasons with Intel® VTune™ Profiler

This demo shows how to use the Intel® VTune™ Profiler system overview analysis with energy consumption and throttling event analysis to identify whether the processor core frequencies are being throttled. The energy and throttling metrics are sampled independently of the other data collection drivers and at a different sampling interval.

This video covers various methods for collecting this type of data and discusses their benefits and levels of insight. Intel VTune Profiler and Intel® SoC Watch can detect a variety of processor core frequency throttling events. They can provide:

  • CPU-throttling reasons over a timeline that supports zooming and filtering to see the events
  • Measurements at various temperatures for each processor core and an interactive timeline showing the temperature measurements
  • The timeline where thermal throttling events first happened and ability to zoom and filter information. The zoomed timeline shows the individual measurements where these events occurred
  • The timeline where max turbo limit occurred several times, then the thermal throttling event occurred many times, and the processor core frequency decreased slightly during the time that the thermal-throttling events happened