Analyze Threading Performance with Intel® VTune™ Profiler

Intel® VTune™ Profiler performs threading analysis on locks and waits. It is aided by Instrumentation and Tracing Technology APIs to identify what code blocks the threads are running when examining the timeline.

Intel VTune Profiler can pinpoint which thread is waiting on which synchronization object and for how long. A closer analysis shows where synchronization object contention occurred during running. Synchronization object examples include semaphores, mutexes, and I/O waits. You can also see the source file and line number where transitions occur.

To gain a better understanding of what that thread was running during this portion of the timeline, zoom in on the associated timeline to identify where the task begin and task end were called for each thread.

This level of detailed understanding of the thread timing in an application, and the role that locks, waits, and mutexes play in orchestrating best possible synchronization between threads allows you to consider performance improvement strategies.