Firmware Development Resources

Simplify and scale your firmware development from edge to cloud and across all layers of the firmware stack including silicon and system-on-chip (SoC), platform, bootloaders, and operating system payloads.

Universal Scalable Firmware (USF) Architecture

Use Intel's next-generation firmware architecture to simplify and scale firmware development. USF defines abstraction layers and domain boundaries between SoC (IP hardware and IP firmware), platform, and operating system with verifiable interfaces and APIs between the firmware modules. USF architecture allows:

  • Firmware development complexity
  • Development across CPU and XPUs
  • Industry bootloaders and operating system payloads across market segments
  • Firmware quality and security
  • Innovation and time to value

The USF specifications are evolving and open for industry contribution and feedback. Join the USF project on GitHub* and provide feedback on the draft specifications.

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