Cloud to PC Distributed Intelligence

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By 2025, it is estimated that 90% of client applications will be cloud based, enabling PC clients to act as intelligent and powerful nodes within virtual cloud networks. To help web and mobile application developers take advantage of this major shift in technologies, Intel is embracing and extending tools such as web standards, open-source container and orchestration frameworks, and standard APIs.

Cloud-native services are built on microservices and containers. To enable deployment of appropriate containers on client platforms, Intel is driving the extensions to orchestration frameworks to dynamically discover the capabilities of both PC client platforms and the associated network, and then deploy the relevant microservers through containers on the PC.

In scenarios with no connectivity to the cloud, the PC can run in offline mode. Here, orchestration frameworks need to be enhanced with functions such as a publish/subscribe model. Security elements must also be developed to deploy these containers on the client PC.


Rafay* Systems Cloud-Client Orchestration

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Today, web and mobile developers make up the majority of worldwide developers, with JavaScript* and web APIs being the number-one development platform. While web and mobile applications have historically been considered inferior in functionality to native operating system applications, this is quickly changing with the rise of the Intelligent Web, client-side scripting and, more recently, progressive web applications (PWAs).