This company uses AI inference to help healthcare professionals increase efficiency, improve consistency, and focus on patient care.

Virtual meeting enhancements in Zoom*, such as virtual background images and background noise detection, rely on AI inference and deep learning.

The Netflix* performance engineering team reduces cloud infrastructure costs by using AI inference to increase efficiency in its streaming environment.

All major frameworks for deep learning and classical machine learning are optimized using oneAPI libraries that provide optimal performance across Intel CPUs and XPUs. These software optimizations from Intel help deliver orders of magnitude performance gains over stock implementations of the same frameworks.



Intel provides a comprehensive portfolio of tools for all your AI needs including data preparation, training, inference, deployment, and scaling. All tools are built on the foundation of a standards-based, unified oneAPI programming model with interoperability, openness, and extensibility as core tenets.



Intel is empowering developers to run end-to-end AI pipelines with Intel Xeon Scalable processors. From data preprocessing and modeling to production, Intel has the software, compute platforms, and solution partnerships you need to accelerate the integration of AI everywhere.