OpenMP* Offload Basics

Learn the fundamentals of using OpenMP* offload directives to target GPUs through hands-on practice in this guided learning path.

Start Learning OpenMP Offload

Get hands-on practice with code samples in a Jupyter Notebook running live on Intel DevCloud.

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To get started:

    Sign in to Intel DevCloud, select One Click Log In for JupyterLab, select Launch Server (if needed), and then from the launcher, select Terminal.

    At the command prompt, enter /data/oneapi_workshop/, and then press Enter.

    If you are unfamiliar with using Jupyter Notebooks, open the oneAPI_Essentials folder, and then select 00_Introduction_to_Jupyter to open the folder.

    For the OpenMP offload notebooks, open the omp_offload_jupyter_notebook folder, and then select OpenMP Welcome.ipynb.