a2 Technology

"Intel® processors offer the high performance, reliability, and stability that a2 requires for this mission-critical solution. We are also more than happy to join the Intel partner ecosystem and enjoy the technical and business support associated with the Intel brand."

Murat Mutlu
Managing partner


"Our solution is designed to employ Intel®-optimized machine learning hardware and software technologies to train, test, and operationalize a model to help detect COVID-19 and 14 other thoracic diseases using chest scans. We used the Intel® Developer Cloud and Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to optimize and deploy our machine learning models across multiple Intel® platforms. As a result, our team was able to accelerate prototyping and deployment at lower costs on the best performing Intel® architecture for our solution."

Moloti Nakampe
Accrad research and development


"Because we serve customers with so many different needs, it’s important to quickly achieve the right balance of price and performance for each of our applications. Intel Developer Cloud lets us test multiple platforms in parallel. That’s a lot of time savings—and time is money—so it’s a no-brainer."

Eduard Vazquez
Research technical manager


"At Brightskies, we innovate the technology of tomorrow. One of the key domains we cover is autonomous driving. Our partnership with Intel aims at enabling autonomous driving on Intel® Xeon® processors. Intel Developer Cloud enabled a fast and efficient approach for the testing of our self-driving software stack on Intel® platforms, achieving the most optimal kick off for development activities even before receiving any actual hardware. We believe that, in the COVID-19 era, Intel Developer Cloud can enable advanced levels of software testing in the automotive domain."

Hossam Yahia
Chief technical officer

Docker* Vision

"Collaborating with Intel's team and harnessing the OpenVINO toolkit, we unlocked the potential of hardware-specific fine-tuning for accelerated inference. The guidance provided by Intel's engineering support was invaluable. Their expert guidance in model optimization, fidelity assurance in inference, Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge driven performance evaluations, and the provision of an illuminating instructional video truly set them apart. Yet, the true standout was Intel Developer Cloud for the Edge, allowing us to effortlessly identify the optimal Intel hardware configuration. By deploying our model across various hardware setups without hardware purchases, we conserved valuable time and resources. The maritime sector has greatly benefited from Docker* Vision's partnership with Intel, as we harness their enhancement prowess to unlock unparalleled advantages. Together, we're revolutionizing the maritime industry with real-time insights and maximized benefits."

Athira M
Cofounder and chief technology officer (CTO)


"Because developers can quickly evaluate the performance of their applications in multiple edge computing systems by using Intel Developer Cloud, they can not only shorten the inspection time to go to market, they can also expect tremendous benefits in terms of investment and maintenance in verification equipment. We are confident that Intel Developer Cloud will accelerate and streamline operations and create new value for more IoT businesses and for more customers."

Tomohiro Nagao
Senior manager, Healthcare Business Unit


"In the absence of a variety of hardware configurations, it is incredibly challenging to evaluate the performance of today’s AI models on CPU-driven edge compute boxes. Intel Developer Cloud hit the nail on the head when it provided us with the access and support needed to benchmark our AI models on CPUs with Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. Since then, we have been using Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit as a default option on appropriately-sized CPU edge compute boxes for our on-premise customer deployments."

Vijay Gabale
Cofounder, leading partnerships, CPO and CTO


"Using the Intel Developer Cloud allows Luxonis* to iterate on our products seamlessly in the physical world, with real-world experimentation and data collection, as well as in the cloud environment for fast improvement of our neural models and computer vision flow. This results in our customers typically getting their proof of concepts up and running in less than one week and products maturing for market in just a few months. Intel Developer Cloud allows us to evaluate performance without the need of hardware in hand, and can iterate across hardware, software, AI, training iterations, and overall performance easily. Leveraging these kinds of tools, we currently have over 100 customers building products off of our platform, which covers over 20 verticals, including e-mobility, cargo - air and ground, food processing, agriculture (in-field, farming and ranching), defense, safety systems (in manufacturing, oil/gas, etc.) to name just a few."

Brandon Gilles
Chief executive officer, Luxonis embedded computer vision and AI


"With a high performance medical application like ours, a major share of the AI workloads are carried out by the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit. As our customers' platforms don't adhere to a single hardware configuration, it is crucial that we assess various hardware platforms in advance so we can verify that the performance falls within our specifications. Intel Developer Cloud serves this exact purpose and enables us to benchmark our AI workloads on a variety of platforms not found on premise."

Roee Shibolet
Vice president of research and development

Navajna Technologies

"I Am pleased to highlight the exceptional support and expertise we received from the Intel Developer Cloud for the Edge engineering team. Their invaluable contributions played a crucial role in successfully migrating our AI workload to Intel hardware. The team's prompt and informative responses were instrumental in ensuring a seamless transition during the migration process. Moreover, their utilization of OpenVINOTM optimizations (quantization and async inferencing) significantly enhanced the performance of our AI models beyond our expectations. We observed a remarkable improvement in inference throughput, increasing from 8 FPS to an impressive 54 FPS. The availability of the Intel Developer Cloud for the Edge proved to be a tremendous asset, allowing us to test our models effortlessly on multiple Intel hardware platforms. The Intel engineering team's demos and unwavering support on the Intel Developer Cloud for the Edge made it easy for us to finalize the i9-13900te - UHD770 as the optimal hardware solution.

"In conclusion, we extend our deepest gratitude to the Intel Developer Cloud for the Edge engineering team for their exceptional support and assistance throughout our AI workload migration. Their expertise, responsiveness, and commitment to delivering outstanding results have made them an invaluable partner in our journey."

Alok Jain
Director and cofounder


"At Neurolabs, we provide computer vision solutions powered by synthetic data. Our clients expect robust on-premise deployments with fast prediction times. This is where Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit shines, giving us greater flexibility over different hardware configurations and standardizing the model deployment. Intel Developer Cloud enables us to quickly benchmark our models across multiple architectures and determine the best option for our customer use cases."

Patric Fulop
Cofounder and chief technology officer

Nihon System Kaihatsu

"By benchmarking our trained model on Intel® hardware enabled on the Intel Developer Cloud, we could accelerate the product development and validation time. It is highly recommended to use Intel Developer Cloud for AI solution development."

Masaki Ishihara
Chief engineer


"Rosmart provides automatic defects detection machines to do the visual inspection work. It can always keep the high quality standard, high inspection efficiency, and low labor cost."

Alex Zhang
Director of research and development

SB Creative

"Because of the user experience we are trying to achieve, it is important to find the perfect balance of price and performance for each of our products. Through Intel Developer Cloud and its well prepared tools and environment, we were able to decrease the time it took to do a wide array of hardware tests on our interactive digital signage solutions, like Intelligent Label."

Ryota Tone
Business development manager, Content Business Division

Shunya OS

"The Intel Developer Cloud for the Edge container playground has been instrumental in facilitating our partnership with Intel for the successful implementation of edge AI applications, particularly in our Numberplate detection and recognition use case. Through the utilization of this platform, we have been able to execute our application on multiple hardware platforms and conduct performance comparisons, all without the requirement of physical hardware. This powerful tool has been a game changer, facilitating informed decisions and delivering outstanding results.

"The virtualized environment offered by the container playground has furnished us with invaluable insights into inference times, thereby enabling us to optimize our application with great efficiency. Undoubtedly, it has become an indispensable tool within our edge AI development workflow, empowering us to make well-informed decisions and attain superior outcomes. This paradigm-shifting solution streamlines the development process with unparalleled efficacy, enabling users to achieve unparalleled results."

Sneha Bhapkar
AI Computer Vision Lead


"Sightcorp's deep learning audience measurement products are hardware agnostic; therefore, it is very important for us to be able to rapidly test and iterate multiple Intel® platforms in parallel while still maintaining the inference speed needed to aggregate quality data in real-time. Intel Developer Cloud allows all of this to happen without dealing with physical hardware, which is perfect for the time we are currently living in and time spent working from home. For our customers, we strike the right balance between price and performance for each of our products so they can go to market faster and with a clear understanding of device capabilities."

Joyce Caradonna
Chief executive officer

SIL International*

"We are pushing speech technology into emerging markets where there is a lot of language diversity and a variety of hardware challenges. That means that we need to test a lot of models (for many languages and accents) on edge devices. Intel Developer Cloud gives our data scientists a way to quickly spin up a notebook and test our models in a diverse set of scenarios. We can then translate these learnings directly into real product modifications and configuration, such that our customers are happy with the performance of our multilingual dialogue products right out of the box."

Daniel Whitenack
Data scientist


"Through rigorous testing and evaluation, we had the privilege of exploring various CPU options available on Intel Developer Cloud for the Edge. However, it was the Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8272CL CPU at 2.60 GHz that stood out as the most suitable and optimal choice for our AI workloads. The performance delivered by this CPU exceeded our expectations, meeting the demanding requirements of our applications with utmost efficiency and reliability. The scalability and robustness of this hardware platform have significantly enhanced our productivity, enabling us to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and accuracy in our projects.

"Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge the excellent support and guidance provided by the Intel Developer Cloud for the Edge team throughout our testing phase. Their expertise and responsiveness were instrumental in helping us navigate the platform and make informed decisions about the hardware configuration that would best suit our requirements.

"In conclusion, the unparalleled capability of Intel Developer Cloud for the Edge to facilitate experimentation with diverse CPUs, combined with the remarkable performance and unwavering support we encountered, renders Intel Developer Cloud for the Edge an indispensable asset for our AI initiatives. Thank you once again to the Intel Developer Cloud for the Edge for providing us with such an exceptional platform and helping us optimize our AI workloads. We look forward to continuing our partnership and exploring further opportunities for collaboration in the future."

Srinivas Chilukuri
Founder and CEO, TensorGo


"As a member of the Intel® AI: In Production Program, we use Intel Developer Cloud and Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit extensively, where CPU-run engines that are optimized with the latter are currently in production. So far, we have used Intel Developer Cloud primarily for benchmarking purposes, which enabled us to determine the optimal edge hardware configurations, algorithmic choices and engine parameters, production-level load estimations and scalability assessment under different production scenarios. With our solution, the results obtained from the exercise in [Intel] Developer Cloud show that computing deep neural networks on CPU has become on par with GPU in terms of performance, and it is constantly improving with newer tools like int8 quantization, making advanced edge inference solutions like ours feasible with CPU. Using OpenVINO toolkit, the per image inference time speeds up by 10x as compared to unoptimized CPU execution, which allows us to run our solution as a real-time IoT application operating on Intel Xeon processors at multiple stores."

Erdem Yoruk
Chief scientist

Vulcan AI

"Intel Developer Cloud provided confidence that our solution will be able to accommodate the number of cameras that customers have in their environment, and it helped remove guesswork from the pilot process."

Kamal Mannar
Head of applied intelligence


"WonderStore uses Intel Developer Cloud to train models with datasets of over 30,000 pictures in half the time versus on-premise servers. Intel Developer Cloud allows us to choose our hardware configuration to optimize training, enabling us to create vertical CV models for each customer’s needs."

Reinier van Kleij
Chief technology officer