Why does the installation hang during floating license check?

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Updated 8/30/2018
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When the installer detects a floating license, either when looking for existing licenses or after license server information has been entered, it will attempt to validate it with the license manager.  There is a long timeout as the installer waits for a reply from the server.  As of this writing, there is no way to cancel the license check without killing the installation process.

To avoid this, make sure the following two ports are not blocked on the server:

  • The port used by the lmgrd (FlexNet) daemon, which is 28518 or 27009 by default.
  • The port used by the INTEL vendor daemon, which can be specified in the license file or assigned when the license manager is started*.  You can find the port number in the license manager log file specified when you ran lmgrd -c <license file> -l <log file>, or in the LicenseServer install folder for Windows*.  The lmstat command output does not list the vendor daemon port number. 

You should be able to telnet to both of these ports from the client machine.

*Note that if the INTEL daemon port is not specified in the license file, it may change the next time the license manager is started, and the new port may end up being blocked by a firewall and prevent license checkout. Newer licenses generated from the Intel® Registration Center now default this port to 28519.

Read more about the Intel® Software License Manager ports here.