Where can I find the installation log files?

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Updated 2/11/2019
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Intel® Parallel Studio XE (including MKL, IPP, DAAL, TBB, MPI)


Example: Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 install logs for the user JohnDoe would be at %temp%\pset_tmp_PSXE2017_JohnDoe

Intel® System Studio 



Windows Target:


Example: Intel® System Studio 2016 Windows Target install logs for the user janesmith would be at %temp%\pset_tmp_ISS2016WT_janesmith

Intel® Advisor, VTune™ Amplifier, and Inspector


Example: Intel® Advisor 2019 install logs for the user Bob would be at %temp%\pset_tmp_advisor_2019_Bob

Intel SDK for OpenCL* Applications


Example: Intel SDK for OpenCL* Applications install logs for the user Fred would be at %temp%\intel_tmp_Fred

Linux and macOS


Older releases may also have a second log related to licensing information located at:


Example: The log generated for the user Juliet on a machine called Balcony at 11:22:33 on January 2nd 2018 would be at /tmp/intel.pset.Juliet.Balcony.