Long license checkout on remote workstations

ID 747190
Updated 11/29/2016
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License checkout for 2016 and newer product versions is very slow compared to the 2015 version on machines with remote access to the floating license server.



Root Cause:

Due to issues with the license caching in the 2015 product versions, it was disabled in the 2016 version.  The caching provided a temporary local copy of the license for frequent checkouts, but would only allow features available in the cached license to be checked out, invalidating other licenses.  Without the caching, checkout requests over the network can be very slow.


This is fixed in update 2 of the 2017 compiler version.  There is no workaround to re-enable the floating license caching in the 2016 version or 2017 prior to update 2.  Try minimizing license checkouts by grouping files in the same compile command line, or file a support ticket.