Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) Bug Fixes for Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit

ID 662857
Updated 3/22/2024
Version Latest

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NOTE: Defects and feature requests described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. It is difficult to succinctly describe an issue and how it impacted the specific test case. Some of the issues listed may impact multiple architectures, operating systems, and/or languages. If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please visit our Get Help page for support options.

2021.11.0 (March 2024)

  • Fixed link error for NuGet packages on Windows*
  • Fixed out of bound reading and writing issue in ippsNorm functions
  • Fixed issue in ippiFilterSeparableInit_32f
  • Fixed issue in ipprWarp for 3D affine transformation
  • Fixed Intel® IPP Cryptography issue in ippsAES_GCMGetTag function for generating different tag

2021.10.0 (November 2023)

  • Fixed performance degradations in ippsMulC_64fc, ippsDivC, ippiDivC, ippiCopyConstBorder, ippiFilterSeparable
  • Added missing so names for shared IPP TL libraries on Linux
  • Fix error in implementation of ippsStdDev_32f
  • Fixed AES-GCM noise injection for Intel platforms prior to 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

2021.9.1 (October 2023)

  • macOS fixed.

2021.9 Release (July 2023)

  • Minor bug fixes.

2021.8 Release (April 2023)

  • Fixed Intel® IPP Cryptography Multi-buffer(MB) library in-place execution for CBC/CFB modes of SM4 algorithm. 
  • Fixed Intel® IPP Cryptography context id set up for functions ippsHMAC_Pack(_rmf) and ippsHMAC_Unpack(_rmf).
  • Fixed Intel® IPP Data Compression ippsEncodeLZ4HC_8u function with input streams near MAX_INT, that caused errors at decode stage.
  • Fixed multiple issues in CMake configuration files.
  • Fixed Intel® IPP ippsMagnitude_32f function for incorrect processing of small values.
  • Fixed issue with out of bound read for Intel® IPP ippiDemosaicAHD_16u_C1C3R, ippiRemap and ippiFilterBorder_8u functions.
  • Fixed sporadic issue with incorrect processing for multiple runs of Intel® IPP ippsFIRMR_16sc and ippsFIRMR_16s functions.

2021.7 Release (December 2022)

  • Fixed error in planar YCbCr to RGB conversion in Intel® IPP Image Processing Color Conversions functions ippiYCbCr420ToRGB_8u_P3C3R and ippiYCbCr422ToRGB_8u_P3C3R.

2021.6 Release (September 2022)

No updates available for this release.

2021.6 Release (March 2022)

  • Fixed Intel® IPP Cryptography AES-CTR code path related to handling of last partial block with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512).
  • Updated README file for Intel® IPP static library by removing threading layer support for single processor executables.
  • Fixed Intel® IPP Data Compression bzip2 patch returning error BZ_DATA_ERROR on decompression.
  • Updated ippcv.h header file with Intel® IPP ippStsInplaceModeNotSupportedErr return value for ippiDilateBorder and ippiErodeBorder functions.

2021.5 Release (December 2021)

  • Fixed access violation issue when using Intel® IPP Image Processing ippiHoughProbLine function.
  • Fixed unexpected results obtained when using Intel® IPP ippsThreshold_LTAbsVal function.
  • Fixed issue with Intel® IPP Image Processing ippiFilterGaussianBorder function which was returning incorrect results with specific sigma value.
  • Fixed issue observed when compiling Intel® IPP Cryptography sample code with error: unknown type name 'Ipp16fc'.
  • Fixed unexpected results obtained when using Intel® IPP ippsGFpCmpElement function.
  • Fixed Intel® IPP Image Processing ippiDilateBorder_1u_C1R function when offsetting a byte in storage.

2021.4 Release (September 2021)

  • Fixed BZ_DATA_ERROR issue in Intel® IPP Data Compression bzip2 patch.
  • Fixed Intel® IPP ippiMorphOpenBorder_8u_C1R output which unequals to ErodeBorder and DilateBorder.
  • Removed superfluous comma in header file ipptypes_l.h generating warnings treated as error.
  • Fixed Intel® IPP Gaussian blur(16u) producing wrong results.
  • Extended scaling of Intel® IPP ipprWarpAffine_16u_C1PV for OpenMP*.

2021.3 Release (June 2021)

  • Fixed segmentation fault when calling Intel® IPP Image Processing ippiFilterSobelNegVertBorder function.
  • Fixed access violation issue for Intel® IPP Image Processing ippiCopy_8u_C3P3R function to support right alignment of data.
  • Fixed patching issue encountered with Intel® IPP Data Compression LZ4 1.9.3 patch.
  • Fixed bug in Intel® IPP GetFilter and SetFilter functions related to difference of subfilter length for ResamplePolyphaseGetFixedFilter and ResamplePolyphaseSetFixedFilter functions.

2021.2 Release (March 2021)

  • Fixed issues with ippSetCpuFeatures on Intel® AVX2 support system.
  • Fixed ippsDecodeZfp444_32f() function producing infs when given a compressed block.
  • Added correct return status for ippsFIRMRGetStateSize_32fc  if input parameters are invalid (null-pointer or values less than or equal to zero).

2021.1 Initial Release (December 2020)

No updates available for this release.