"Illegal instructions" errors for some Intel® IPP functions

ID 673149
Updated 10/17/2017
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Some Intel(R) IPP functions may report "illegal instructions” errors on the Intel® AVX-512 processor systems running with Windows* 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) OS.  The problem only happens with such specific systems.

The problem is caused by the incorrect code dispatching for that specific systems. Intel® IPP dispatched the Intel® AVX-512 optimization code, which is not supported by that OS.

The problem will be fixed in the up-coming Intel® IPP releases.  Users need to update to new versions of Intel® IPP to get the fix of the problem. The workaround for the Intel® IPP 2018 and its previous releases is to use the Intel® IPP ippSetCpuFeatures() API to manually dispatch Intel® AVX2 optimization code for that systems.