Floating Licenses and Software License Manager Compatibility

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Updated 2/28/2016
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Problem Statement:
Incompatible Intel license manager versions may result in reduced functionality when updating products on your client machines; for example they may not detect existing product activations or allow product activation via license server. In order to have full functionality of floating licensing service it is strongly recommended to use a license manager version that is specified for use with your product (please refer to the 'System Requirements' in the product release notes).

Affected Products:
Intel® Software License Manager
Intel® Software Development Products using floating licenses

Workarounds (apply one of them):
- Upgrade Intel® Software License Manager to the newest version available on the Intel® Registration Center (choose the right OS and platform; only users with floating license registrations have access to this link).
- Use serial number (alphanumeric code of format xxxx-xxxxxxxx)
- Use license file (file extension .lic).

Note: Remote activation is not supported for floating licenses.

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