Intel® Media SDK Tutorials for Client and Server

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Updated 6/4/2015
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The Intel® Media Software Development Kit (Media SDK) Tutorials show you how to use the Intel Media SDK by walking you step-by-step through use case examples from simple to increasingly more complex usages.

The Tutorials are divided into few parts (sections):

1. Introduces the Media SDK session concept via a very simple sample.
2-4. Illustrates how to utilize the three core SDK components: Encode, Decode and VPP (video pre/post processing).
5. Showcases transcode workloads, utilizing the components described in earlier sections.
6. Showcases more advanced and compound usages of the SDK.

For simplicity and uniformity the Tutorials focus on the H.264 (AVC) video codec. Other codecs are supported by Intel® Media SDK and can be utilized in a similar way.

The Media SDK is available in Intel® Media Server Studio for datacenter and embedded usages. 

Quick installation instructions:

  • For Linux setup MFX_HOME environment variable:
    export MFX_HOME=/opt/intel/mediasdk
  • For Windows setup INTELMEDIASDKROOT and build with Microsoft* VS2012.