Intel Software License Manager Installer Beta

ID 662602
Updated 10/12/2017
Version Latest



The new Installer (beta version) will assist you in the installation of the Intel® Software License Manager.


Currently you need to manually supply the Host ID (mac address) and Host Name of your server during the registration or your floating license serial number (SN). When the registration is complete you need to download and place the license file manually on your system.

This will no longer be required*. Simply register your SN in Intel® Registration Center (IRC) and proceed to the installation. During the installation the Installer will automatically get the required information from your system, update the information in IRC, generate the license file and place it on the system.

*Note: The new Installer requires Internet connection. If you intend to install the Intel® Software License Manger with no Internet connection you will need to generate the license file manually during registration and use it during the installation.

Coming soon

Two other aspects of License Server Manager Setup are not yet implemented:

  • Three servers redundancy
  • Merger of multiple SN into a single license file

You will still need to do the above steps manually at this time. But don’t worry, we are currently working on even more exciting improvements and those features will be integrated into future release of the Installer.

Have questions?

Check out Intel® FLEXlm* License Manager FAQ
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