Intel® Battery Life Diagnostic Tool

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  • Once downloaded, unzip the file, select the bldt_setup-v*.*.*.exe installer, and then follow the prompts.




Intel® Battery Life Diagnostic Tool helps IT managers, system administrators, and application developers monitor and diagnose the battery life impact of current system configuration and installed software on computer systems with an Intel® CPU. When run on a system, it estimates expected battery life, provides insight into the system's ability to reach low-power states, and highlights the applications, processes, and configuration errors that impact low-power efficiency.

  • Enables independent software vendors (ISV) to improve the power and battery life use of their applications by analyzing their impact on estimated power use, Windows* Management Instrumentation (WMI) activity, analysis of CPU idle and busy periods per process, and impact on CPU power states.
  • Enables system administrators to identify individual background processes that have an unintended impact of the power use on the system.
  • Provides a low-overhead, turnkey solution to get a comprehensive snapshot of general system information, background activity, and power consumption metrics within a defined timeframe. This snapshot can then be used for troubleshooting issues, or when performing "before/after" comparisons when evaluating system configuration changes.
  • Allows corporate IT departments to analyze the impact of build images (installed software and operating system configuration) compared to the out-of-the-box (OOB) original equipment manufacturer (OEM) image on commercial systems.

Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool requires a computer system running Windows® 10 or later with an Intel® Core™ processor (8th generation or later).


  • Includes multiple configurable tests to analyze different aspects of the system's behavior and configuration.
  • Generates a summary of findings from each test in an HTML format for easier viewing and sharing, and provides all raw data in a .zip file for further analysis, if needed.
  • Provides graphical-user and command-line interfaces to run tests and generate reports.


Tests & Metrics

Full Test and Quick Test

Collects and analyzes system configuration and software behaviors that can adversely affect battery life. The Quick Test is identical to the Full Test but without the Battery Rundown step and Battery Life Estimate metric.


Software Hygiene

Evaluate the system for software activity that may degrade power and battery life.

  1. Charge battery to 90%.
  2. Switch to DC power.
  3. Idle test (Intel® SoC Watch) for 30 minutes.
  4. Parse ETL for WMI activity.
  5. Parse ETL for ACPI interrupts.
  6. Parse ETL for QoS levels.
  7. Run Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) to collect power metrics.
  8. Run Powercfg battery report.
  • System info
  • Idle/busy histogram
  • CPU core use per core type (P/E)
  • CPU power metrics (C-State, SOC package power, and SLP-50 residency)
  • Histogram of CPU busy periods per process
  • Histogram of CPU idle periods per process
  • WMI activity per process
  • ACPI interrupts per process
  • Quality of service (QoS) per process


Modern Standby

Conducts a Modern/Connected Standby test and analyzes the system's ability to reach the lowest power states while in standby.

  1. Charge battery to 90%.
  2. Switch to DC power.
  3. Put system to sleep for 20 minutes.
  4. Run Powercfg sleep study report.

  • System information
  • Analysis of the sleep period. Highlights any software issues that might have prevented the system from reaching an optimal low-power state and caused battery drain.


Thermal Power, Performance & Acoustic (TPPA) Checker

Evaluate system and operating system configuration that can adversely affect thermal, power, performance, and acoustic behavior.

  1. Switch to DC power.
  2. Run Powercfg power schemes.
  3. Powercfg sleep states.
  4. Get plug-and-play devices.
  5. Analyze PPM provisioning packages.
  6. Analyze registry settings.
  7. Read model-specific registries (MSR).

License Description

The Intel Battery Life Diagnostic Tool is provided and supported by Intel, free of charge, for use by original equipment or device manufacturers (OEM and ODM), independent software vendors (ISV), and end users, including commercial use. Before downloading or installing, review the license agreement presented on the download page. The application is intended for use only on Intel-based systems and is not compatible with or supported on other platforms at this time.


Get Support

For additional support, feedback, or questions, launch the application, and then from the left-side navigation menu, select Contact Support. Support is limited to general application use. Requests for support on specific system or hardware technical issues should be raised through Intel Customer Support, Intel Premier Support, or your account representative.



User documentation can be found alongside the application when you download the installer .zip file.