Zuse Institute Berlin's oneAPI Story: Discover Portability across Multivendor Hardware

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Updated 7/21/2021
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Dr. Thomas Steinke
Head of the Supercomputing Department, Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB)

Dr. Steffen Christgau
Expert in parallel and distributed computing, supercomputing, and algorithms for innovative architectures, ZIB

Klaus-Dieter Oertel
High-performance computing (HPC) senior technical consultant, Intel

Heterogeneous programming is challenging for developers because it is difficult to code or forces compromises in performance. oneAPI is working to break that mold. Many HPC research centers, enterprises, and developers are now adopting oneAPI. Hear from experts at ZIB on their oneAPI story: “We want to have most code portability across different processor architectures, and we don’t want to be bound to specific architectures,” says Dr. Thomas Steinke, head of ZIB’s supercomputing department. Listen in.

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