Using GraphicsMagick with Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

ID 660446
Updated 8/9/2017
Version Latest



GraphicsMagick ( is a popular library for image processing, encoding, and decoding. The patch provided with Intel® IPP 2018 injects functions from the Intel® IPP library to C Magick API of the GraphicsMagick to boost performance with minimal user efforts.

Please refer to the Readme file of the Intel® IPP patch for GraphicsMagick for more detailed information about its features, supported functionalities and system requirements.

This document introduces Intel® IPP 2018 patch for GraphicsMagick. This patch enhances performance of several functions of GraphicsMagick.

This document is organized as the following.

  • Introduction.
  • Build GraphicsMagick with Intel® IPP library.
  • Performance & New Functionalities.