Price Reduction on Renewals of Intel® Software Development Products

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Updated 7/14/2017
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Reduced cost of renewals

Intel offers deeply discounted renewal prices of Intel® Software Development products, making it even easier to consider renewing early to ensure uninterrupted access to product support and product updates. Intel currently offers two renewal options for Intel® Software Development products: Pre-Expiry Date Renewal and Post Expiry Date Renewal.

Buy a Pre-Expiry Date Renewal before your one year of support ends for an exceptionally low price.  A full year of product support and updates will be added on to your current product’s expiry date.  You can buy this renewal any time before your current support ends.

If you don’t get around to buying a Pre-Expiry Date Renewal and your current product’s support expires, you can still buy a Post-Expiry Date Renewal.  The discount is not as good as the Pre-Expiry Date Renewal, but still substantial.  This discount is available for up to one year after your current license expires. The renewal license takes effect from the support expiration date of the original license that was renewed by the new license and extends support for one year.

If you wait more than 13 months after your product’s expiry date, you no longer qualify for a renewal.  If you want continued support and product updates at that time, you will have to repurchase the product.

Use this Support Renewal site, which helps you to make a choice about renewal available for your purchased Intel® Software Development Products.

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