Polystream* is Innovating on New Ways of How to Stream

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Updated 11/8/2019
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From gaming, immersive simulation training to transformational brand experiences, the cloud will be soon filled with new and exciting 3D Interactive content and applications. With the arrival of 5G, emerging network technologies and devices, and new infrastructures, technology is starting to empower our ability to devour this content. By 2030 there could be more than 3 billion people connecting to the cloud at the same time looking to play games on-demand.

Gaming streaming is do-able today. But as our desire to consume on-demand through the cloud increases, delivering at scale becomes the challenge. Current accepted technologies are already beginning to fall short as demand continues to increase. A service needs to be able to handle the dynamic workload of concurrent users, scaling in real-time as TOD peaks move around the world to manage the 1:1 streaming engagement that 3D interactive experiences require of the cloud.

Right now, it's very challenging to serve tens of millions of people at the same time without enormous new investment in infrastructure. In large part, this is due to the importance of a high performing GPU to render incredibly detailed visuals with speed and precision. It is eye-wateringly expensive to attempt putting a graphics processor in the cloud for every player. Understanding the current constraints on the industry, Polystream* has reimagined the entire process from the ground up and developed a solution for (and beyond) cloud-gaming.

Polystream removes the need for GPUs in the cloud, instead, creating an intelligent edge to the cloud and connecting to the GPU in your device, telling it what to draw. By using just the compute required to distribute workloads where and when they're required properly, they can deliver pixel perfect, instantly interactive experiences with no downloads or modifications needed.

Polystream is changing the way the world consumes 3D interactive content forever by revolutionizing how the cloud dynamically streams to devices conquering the challenges of scale: concurrency, reach and cost. By removing the need for GPUs in the cloud, Polystream's Command Streaming technology can deliver 3D interactive content to millions of people, at the same time, at a fraction of the cost of current streaming solutions. This not only opens the playing field for publishers and distributors of all sizes but is set to disrupt how all interactive content is streamed.

Are you attending SLUSH 2019? Polystream will be hosting an official SLUSH event: Fast Forward on Friday 22nd November where Intel will be joining the panel discussion exploring how the cloud is and could change the landscape of gaming. Visit SLUSH for more information.

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