Analyze Power Efficiency using Intel® SoC Watch in Intel® System Bring-up Toolkit

Published: 07/26/2018  

Last Updated: 12/04/2020

By Joel Lin

In Intel® System Bring-up Toolkit, there is a feature for visualizing Intel® SoC Watch NDA metrics such as power, thermal, dGPU, FPGA power metrics, which provides insight for optimizing power and performance in systems with these heterogeneous accelerators. The following figures show how the VTune Profiler UI for visualizing these metrics. Try out this new feature by visiting Intel System Bring-up Toolkit webpage and use VTune Profiler's Energy Analysis. Visit Intel System Bring-up Toolkit and Intel® SoC Watch for oneAPI Release Notes to learn more.

Intel SoC Watch NDA is a handy tool (less than 25MB) that collects energy related hardware and system metrics to generate a plain-text summary report. To understand more about Intel SoC Watch, visit Energy Analysis User Guide to learn how to run SoC Watch in a command line mode. See also these other valuable references.

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