Intel® MPI Compatibility with NVIDIA Mellanox* OFED for InfiniBand*

ID 659892
Updated 3/9/2021
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Intel® MPI Library 2019 Update 6 and newer releases implement the MLX provider for efficient usage of Mellanox InfiniBand* fabric. This implementation currently requires the Mellanox UCX* software stack, as part of the Mellanox OFED software distribution.

The Mellanox UCX* Framework v1.4 up to v1.9 is supported by Intel® MPI Library 2019 Update 6 to Update 10, as well as Intel® MPI Library 2021 Update 1.

Recent versions of Mellanox OFED v5.1, implementing Mellanox UCX* v1.10 or newer, however require an Intel® MPI Library version 2021 Update 2 or newer.

The Intel® MPI Library 2021 Update 2 will be released towards the end of Q1 2021.

Refer to Intel® MPI Library 2019 Over Libfabric* for more information.