MeshCentral2 - Traefik Support, Night Mode, Batch Accounts

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Updated 6/25/2019
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MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. In the last week the focus has been on bug fixes and small feature improvements submitted by GitHub users. Time has been spent testing MeshCentral with Traefik for low-cost corporate deployments, night mode for a more relaxing UI, batch account operations for administrators, improved scaling and much more. In detail:

  • Documented support for Traefik. MeshCentral can be deployed in corporate environments at very low cost using Docker and reverse-proxies making a small instance of MeshCentral deployable at near zero marginal cost. To make this happen, MeshCentral support needs to support reverse proxies. NGINX is already support and this week, we added Traefik and open source reverse proxy to the MeshCentral User’s Guide. MeshCentral now has a health check URL that can be used to poll the server to make sure it works correctly.
  • Night mode. Increasingly users expect web applications to support a more relaxing dark user interface. Last week, MeshCentral “night mode” was added. It can be toggled using the UI mode diamond button on the upper right of the web application. Many of the MeshCentral graphics had to be changed to correct transparency and make the icons look good both in day and night modes.
  • Batch account operations. For administrators, it’s sometimes useful to perform batch account operations and account creation. This was just added to MeshCentral. When downloading the accounts, you don’t get the users passwords but rather information about the last user login, account creation date and more. When going a batch creation of accounts, you can set the username, password, email and optionally force the user to change the password upon next login.
  • Server scaling improvements. By running many 1000’s of computers on, we are able to test how well the server scales and fix problems as they come up. This week a new half-relay 30 second timeout was added to deal with situations where a relays connection can’t be established and would sometimes stay connected indefinitely. This is part of many improvements to make sure the server scales even on low-cost servers and lower the critical total cost-per-device.

These changes are on top of many more fixes and improvements. The current version of MeshCentral is v0.3.4-j. Thanks for everyone who is participating on GitHub to submit bug reports and feature requests.

As usual, feedback is appreciated.

Added a new section on configuration of Traefik in the MeshCentral User’s Guide.

All new MeshCentral “Night Mode”. Quickly toggle to a more relaxing UI style.

MeshCentral administrator can now batch export and import user accounts.