MeshCentral2 - Charts, WebAuthn/FIDO2, Replay Port Maps

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Updated 3/28/2019
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This week has been busy with significantly increased traffic on Github, once again, thank you to everyone that is reporting bugs and helping out. We now have real-time server charts showing connection counts and memory use, new support for FIDO2/WebAuthn for second factor authentication and an improved MeshCentral router with relay mapping for remote access to many more devices on remote networks.

  • Live Server Statistics Charts. It’s important to keep track of server load and health and in order to help with this, the latest version of MeshCentral includes a new server statistics tab with live charts of the server’s current state. The graph has animated transitions and will update automatically as time goes by. In addition, you can download the raw chart data using a download button on the upper right of the chart.
  • FIDO2 / WebAuthn Support. MeshCentral already had support for 2 factor authentication hardware tokens using the U2F protocol. However, this is the old way of doing things and WebAuthn is the new protocol that is more broadly supported by default in browsers such as Chrome, FireFox and Edge. MeshCentral is moving away from U2F and adopting WebAuthn instead. In addition, support for WebAuthn means that NFC and Bluetooth keys are now supported on mobile devices.
  • Remote Relays Port Mapping. The MeshCentral Router that way published last week got a few more improvements this week at the asking of the open source community. Devices can now be found using their group, but more importantly, MeshCentral Router now support TCP relay port mappings. This is where you can map a local port to a remote port on any target IP address and select a device as a TCP relay. So you can, for example, do a RDP session to a device in a remote network that does not have an agent on that device. An agent on the same remote network is used as a relay. See the last picture below for details.

As usual, feedback is appreciated. I am out on vacation next week, Bryan will keep working on new features and bug fixes.


When you register a new hardware key, it will now replace the old U2F keys.
The new standard is supported on Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

You can now use the MeshCentral Router to port map a local
TCP port to a remote port on a remote network thru a mesh agent.
You can, for example, do a RDP session to a remote computer that is not running the agent.