MeshCentral2 - All new MeshCentral Router for Windows

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Updated 3/28/2019
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Because MeshCentral is web based, usages are generally built within the browser which is great sometimes, but not always. Today, we are changing that with the MeshCentral Router for Windows, a tool that allows users to port map any TCP port on their local computer to any port on any remote computer in their MeshCentral account. So, you can now port map the SSH port to a IoT device and launch PuTTY to get a fast terminal connection, or better yet, map port 3389 and get a fast RDP remote desktop session to remote PC’s. The MeshCentral Router opens a plenty of new possibilities for your MeshCentral server. Take a look at the YouTube demonstration video to see how it all works. In details:

  • Works to any MeshCentral2 server. Many have setup their own MeshCentral server and this tool will work with it as long, just update your server to the latest version before starting.
  • Support for 2nd factor authentication. Even if this is a Windows application, the new MeshCentral server allows 2nd factor authentication of the application connection. If setup, you can use Google Authenticator, one time tokens or the YubiKey™ OTP to login.
  • Full HTTP Proxy support. If setup, MeshCentral Router will use your locally setup HTTP proxy to perform all connections to the server.
  • Real time user interface. Like everything MeshCentral, the user interface in MeshCentral Router is real time and sync’ed with the web site. Change the name or the icon of a device, and the tool with change it on its UI instantly.
  • Support for servers within TLS certificates. Even if you have not used MeshCentral’s built-in Let’s Encrypt support yet, you can still connect using this tool. A appropriate TLS connection warning will be displayed when connecting to servers that don’t have a trusted certificate.
  • Open’s an all new world of applications. MeshCentral is not just browser usages anymore, desktop application can now work just as well opening the door for many more usages.

To use the MeshCentral Router tool, you need to update your MeshCentral server to v0.3.0-t or later. You can download the tool here. As usual, feedback is appreciated.