Media Framework from Intel Upstream Patches 2021Q2 Queue Release

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Updated 2/25/2022
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FFmpeg-vaapi and FFmpeg-QSV 2021Q2 upstream patches commits tested:


Gst-vaapi and Gst-msdk(in gst-plugins-bad) 2021Q2 upstream patches commits tested:

Used gstreamer core and dependencies

Supported Intel® Platforms

  • ADL-S (Alder Lake-S)
  • DG1/SG1
  • RKL (Rocket Lake)
  • TGL (Tiger Lake)
  • ICL (Ice Lake)
  • JSL (Jasper Lake)/EHL (Elkhart Lake)
  • KBLx (KBL/Kaby Lake; CFL/Coffe Lake; WHL/Whiskey Lake; CML/Comet Lake; AML/Amber Lake)

Tested Features

  • Decode: AVC/H264, HEVC/H265 (8/10/12bit), AV1 (8/10bit), VP9 (8, 10, 12bit), VP8, JPEG/MJPEG, MPEG2, VC1
  • Encode: AVC/H264, HEVC/H265 (8/10bit), VP9 (8/10bitt), VP8, JPEG/MJPEG, MPEG2
  • VPP : brightness/contrast/saturation/hue, csc, deinterlace, denoise, scale, sharpen, mirroring, rotation, transpose


Supported Features Among Intel Platforms

For features supported among on each Intel platform, please refer links shown as below:

Reference Configure Used:

libva and iHD drivers from Intel, Intel® Media SDK, oneAPI Video Processing Library (oneVPL), and a GPU runtime for oneVPL

For detailed information about new features and improvements, please check links below:


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