Kid at Heart: Back to Basics in 2016

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Updated 3/4/2016
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We’ve come a long way since the days of Pong and Dungeons and Dragons, but the lasting principles of interactive video gaming remain.

Video games can be considered a fun pastime, or even a way to kill some time, perhaps when stuck inside dealing with the type of winter weather recently experienced. But often overlooked are the benefits this form of entertainment has provided to us over the years, and continues to provide in our lives. Whether it’s a way to spend time enjoying a shared interest with your kids, a competitive outlet, a way to stimulate your brain’s problem-solving skills, or simply a relaxation method, the value of the activity itself can’t be denied.

Atari’s Pong is often recognized as one of the earliest video games available in the U.S. The first version debuted in November 1972 as the mid-70s video game craze really took off.1 During this period, Dungeons and Dragons, the game that launched the modern role-playing genre, also became a hit, in 1974. And while the simplicity of these classics may be viewed with some puzzlement by today’s technologically-advanced generation, let’s face it – the compelling basic principles of fun, make-believe, and even a little strategic competition, all of which video games provide, haven’t changed much at all.

The image of a group of friends, or family members, gathered around a TV four decades ago, or today in front of individual mobile devices, is commonplace. But while the driving principles have remained the same, the imagery and overall gaming experience have transformed to a new level – one that better suits today’s digital world.

The following apps exemplify the perfect balance of the original reasons for enjoying high-tech games, and the best of today’s technology for the ultimate challenge. Now available on Android* tablets powered by Intel® Atom™ Processors, users of all ages can access the following:

  1. EvoCreo

    With the end goal to become an Evoking Master, users will embark on a journey through the world of Zenith, capturing and battling monsters and testing themselves in arenas, working their way up to the coliseum. They’ll combat the sinister plot of the nefarious organization, Shadow Hive, in a completely engrossing epic adventure that’s over 40 hours long. Moves, traits, and abilities can be uniquely combined to suit each player’s strategy, and the multiplayer cross-platform ensures the interactive thread that’s long run through the evolution of video gaming is stronger than ever.

  2. No Hero – Renaissance

    This addictive game cleverly blends charming elements of classic 2D platform games like Prince of Persia, Flashback, and SuperMetroid with current indie games Limbo, Braid, and Rogue Legacy. Players work their way through tough puzzles and deadly traps, navigating obstacles by escaping, running, jumping, and hopefully surviving this unexpected adventure. The target is a young schoolboy named No Hero, who awakens in the bottom of an abyss – an abstract and hostile environment. Lost and afraid, without help from anyone, he tackles the journey of searching for answers.

  3. Battle Empire: Roman Wars

    Military defense games are a hallmark of traditional video gaming, a natural sort of progression from the aforementioned Dungeons and Dragons. This app takes the experience a step further; users can build a Roman city that they must develop and defend in order to create a lasting empire. This history simulation game encourages a good strategy on the battlefield to help army unite to win the battles at hand. Players create a strong attacking army to destroy enemies, while expanding their empire and gaining loot from other players.

So, ready to go to battle? Wanting to challenge your friends? Have a strategy created in your mind to implement? These games have it all covered. Recall the very reasons that first generated interest with video games, and appreciate just how far they’ve come.

Game’s on!