Which Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) Libraries Are "Redistributables"?

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Updated 7/25/2017
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When you consider distributing Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP)libraries through your products, you may choose the following options:

  • Copy Intel IPP dlls directory from directories .\bin and .\stublib (for Window*) to your destination application folder. (for Linux* and Mac OS* X, find shared libraries from directory \sharedlib
  • Create your own dll for your redistributions by using Intel IPP customdll linkage.
  • Use Intel IPP merged static library and dispatch static library from \lib directory.

If you are using Intel® IPP stand-alone product:

Check the redist.txt file located in compilers_and_libraries_xxxx.x.xxx/licensing/ipp/en for more details (Please note, this file is only contained in the full product package)

If you are using Intel IPP from Intel® Parallel Studio, or Intel® System Studio:

Check the redist.txt file located in Paralle Studio or Intel System Studio folder compilers_and_libraries_xxxx.x.xxx/licensing/ipp/en for more details

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