INDIENOVA Independent Game Developer Workshop

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Updated 1/2/2019
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table with introductory material

The 2018 INDIENOVA Beijing Developer Workshop was a much bigger event than the initial one in 2016. While it was held in the same location, the scale more than doubled – more people, more games, and more fun.

Event attendees enjoying catered meeting

We consider all of the participants to be our friends. It was an honor to serve everyone – both new and returning attendees. If we weren’t able to talk to you directly, we know it was because you were busy mingling and playing games which was the whole point of the event and we heartily thank you for coming.

Attendees chatting

Friends familiar with us may know that we are more likely to provide parties of leisure and communication rather than sit-down meetings. Independent development is already a hard job and it’s not our intention to arrange other serious business meetings, but instead hope to gather good friends together and play games--at least for an evening. This idea runs through all aspects of our events, regardless of the location or the agenda. Prior to the event, many people asked us about the activities, and our answers was always “just casual chats”. We are glad that you tolerate our casualness and took time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the pleasure of an evening party with us.

speaker at INDIENOVA event

We believe that, like non-linear games, the relaxed atmosphere of the evening brought different experiences and memories to everyone. Some people were able to make new friends, and some spent an evening busy recalling the past. Some became core figures surrounded by others and formed their independent development circles, while others were able to enjoy their own conversations and play. Whatever the result, we hope that you took away something from the night.

Attendees with glow in dark event bracelets

This type of event does make it difficult to write up a report. We can indeed sift out common memories, which would lose too much--just like filtered photos. I think you will all remember the drawing which gave out valuable gifts from our partner Intel. Demo and Switch, the host of the party, kept the enthusiasm alive through the whole evening. Beyond that, that evening brought much more than that. As an individual, I have harvested a number of precious memories that may not ebb for a long time, and I believe many people feel the same. Like unidentifiable Impressionist paintings, it is difficult to portray and convey these subjective strokes. But they will all merge into an ocean, and every drop of water in the ocean is important.

Thank you to everyone for coming and enjoying a nice evening with us. We appreciate your immediate feedback after the event, just like your long-time attention, recognition and criticism for us. INDIENOVA is valuable because of you.

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