Performance Hybrid Architecture

Recently, Intel introduced the 12th generation Intel® Core™ processor family, formerly code named Alder Lake. These processors are unique because they are the first PC processor family based on a new performance hybrid architecture. This CPU architecture leverages two distinct types of cores: Performance-cores and Efficient-cores. This multicore solution is optimized for many workload types: single-threaded and partially threaded, as well as multithreaded applications.



Introduction to Performance Hybrid Architecture for 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors 

The first in a series of white papers, this document provides an overview of the performance hybrid architecture and the motivation behind it. It continues with Instruction Set Architecture and operating system support and introduces Intel® Thread Director technology.

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Develop for Performance Hybrid Architecture

Learn about considerations in developing for performance hybrid architecture and software optimizations, as well as best-known practices. See how hybrid topology is exposed to developers, the scheduling opportunities, and get a closer look into Intel® Thread Director. 

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Debug for Performance Hybrid Architecture    

This document addresses debugging for performance analysis and the handling of a number of known issues. Best-known methodologies are also covered to achieve the best possible performance on hybrid architecture, as well as several case studies from real-life workloads.

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Optimize Software for Performance Hybrid Architecture   

This technical document provides information on optimizing software for 12th generation Intel Core processors. It provides details on how software applications and drivers can ensure optimal core usage. It also describes how to use the processor power management settings (PPM settings) optimally on Windows* to meet system power versus performance goals.

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